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All about Granny Flats

There are different types of granny flats for salein Australia. Flat packs, Transportable, demountable, and Pop up homes are just few of the names for these homes.Flat pack granny flats got its name from its flat pack nature of materials as they are delivered on location ours pop up and are not in a flat pack form. Transportables and demountables are simple to transport as they can easily be transported on a tilt tray, we are also classed as a transportable home. Pop up homes are the most affordable way to build a new generation home for all solutions permanent or temporary.

Home owners add on a secondary dwelling on their property to add additional income, Such an arrangement would help them to pay off their mortgages, if any, with the rent that they receive. Property Investors add on demountable homes to their existing property, so that whenever they plan to sell their existing property, more living space and bedrooms are counted in, thereby increasing the property value. Until they sell, these homes would be given out on rent. Listing a demountable for sale is also an easy option if you decide that you do not require it any longer, you cannot lose with a demountable pop up home.

Primarily, they are a cheaper alternative than the expense of building a home from scratch. Apart from that, since they are oftenbuilt as an addition to an existing structure, it will not interfere with the main house in any way. Most importantly, they can either be built by yourself, or you can have them assembled with the help of a handyman.Popup homes are structurally certified to Australian Standards, and all of them are insulated. These homes maintain a pleasant temperature inside, which in turn would keep energy consumption at minimum levels. You can even personalize these homes according to your budget with the help of your architect. Keep this in mind – we are talking about hours to build a house – not weeks or months. These homes also come with a structural warranty of ten years.