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The Move Was Really Good for Us

I’ve never been someone who is shy about much of anything, but I really felt out of sorts when my husband told me that we were going to be moving. I really like where we lived before, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to start life over in a completely different state. Nevertheless, soon after he told me that we were moving, I helped him look for apartments for rent in Colton California so that we could find a place that we would be happy in. After we found a place that we both really liked, I suddenly found myself really being excited about our move and a whole new life.

But my husband and I grew up in the country, and the country life is what made us both happy. We always said that we would never move, but things change when you least expect them to. My husband was doing really well at work, and that meant that he got her promotion. With that promotion team will want more money. And with that promotion it also meant that he needed to be transferred to another location so that he could head up the workforce there. I was really happy for him until he told me that we would be moving. But he told me to hang in there, and I would probably learn to love our new city.

Soon as we moved into our new apartment, I met some women down at the pool one day. I went down there with my daughter, and they were there with their children too. They were so nice to me. I told them that I had just move there and I didn’t really know anyone. They both invited me to lunch that very next week, and after one year of friendship, we are all now best friends.