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The Nicest Thing is Having Three Bathrooms

My friend and I were looking at apartments in Charlotte when she told me to click here on a certain ad. It was for the City Park View South apartment complex, and I could see why she wanted to see more information on this one. The picture accompanying the ad was beautiful. While most apartment complexes are nice nowadays, not many can claim they are beautiful like City Park View South can. I was impressed from the first picture, but my opinion kept growing higher and higher the more we looked at the details and information.

I liked that we were able to look at a video of the apartment complex too, allowing us to see so much of the complex itself and the surrounding area. We are both pretty active, so I liked that there are beach volleyball courts, tennis courts, bike trails, and so much more around. It is just a short walk to so many places too, including the farmer’s market that is the best one I had ever been to. There is a swimming pool, a fitness center, a community center, a bark park for people who have dogs, and much more.

We were holding our breaths to look at the apartments, but we were not let down in this area either. We ended up getting a one year lease on a two bedroom apartment. The nice thing about our apartment is that we each have our own private bath. Some of our friends who share two bedroom units have it where one of those bathrooms is a guest bath too for visitors. We have three though, so no one needs to be in our private ones other than us. That is probably the nicest thing about it, considering we both spend forever in there getting ready!