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The Right Way to Purchase a High-End Retail Property

The way to get a great property is to use a great Realtor. There are thousands of real estate agents, but Realtor is an earned name. Not every real estate agent is a qualified Realtor. I think you see the title with a trademark next to it when you see it on business cards and letterhead. We used a Denver Realtor to get our retail property. He sells a bunch of properties in the Denver area, but he also works nationally and even internationally to find luxury properties for the right buyer. We needed a prestigious location for our retail jewelry store that would cater to high-end clients.

We had a lot of demands. We wanted it to have easy access and easy parking, but be in an affluent area. We have seen some top stores in busy city sections were you could not even find a place to park on the street, or the buildings were old and were eyesores. I don’t know what gets into the minds of some of these diamond sellers, but they seem to pick the most awful locations. We wanted a top retail spot that would be like some of those avenues in affluent areas of California. We relied on our Denver Realtor to find us the property we were looking for in our area.

We were ready to pay top dollar per square foot if the property was a fit for us. Prices over $800 per square foot were expected. We would build it out to suit our needs for opulence as well as security. Our store was going to be one of those ones with double security doors that controlled client ingress and egress. No other agents seemed up to the task of finding us a suitable retail location. We were pleased with the result we received from our Denver Realtor.